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With so many wonderful pictures, and every expectation different, I've selected a cross section of images and experiences I've enjoyed as a photographer.  Sometimes you'll find text with the images as you might enjoy knowing some of the background behind the shot.   Other times the images are so splendid I leave them to speak for themselves.  If you have any comments or questions  email me.

If you're considering working with me, this shows the types of images I've enjoyed shooting.  I'm always working on new ideas and continually strive for high quality images and happy clients.  If you have any requests, let me know, there are many more images than I can put online at one time.  I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I enjoyed capturing them.  -- Dale Taylor

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Digital Fun
Here's an inside view of a local Rave.  The organizer nicely let me take some pictures of what happens inside.
These links take you to pictures taken during vacations and travels in the last few years.  Things I've enjoyed and want to share
Life-n-Times '98

Life-n-Times '99

Life-n-Times '00

Life-n-Times '01

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I'll be adding more pages for models.  If you would like to have a page with your images, email me and lets set something up.  You can reach me at: dale@dtphotography.com

The pages on this site contain many images and may take some time to load, please be patient.  Recent changes to this site are found on the changes page.  For those of you interested in the equipment used for these images, I've put together a page with some information,  equipment page.

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