Here's some of the fun things I was able to capture on film during the summer of 1999.

BikiniContest1t.jpg (9808 bytes)
These Bikini contestants sure are pretty!
BikiniContest2t.jpg (9722 bytes)
The 3 finalists.  This was at a club in SLC.
Those are the gratuitous bikini pictures... don't all web sites include those just to get hits ? MnMomatPoolt.jpg (12043 bytes)
Gotta throw in a pic of my bikini contest winner ;-)
SideMirrorI-15t.jpg (7052 bytes)
While enjoying a recent drive, I just couldn't resist a 75mph pic of a sunset in the side mirror.
CalNevLaket.jpg (5682 bytes)
A flooded dry lake between Calif-Nev, out the window at 75mph, notice the blurred fence stakes.
LonelyI-15t.jpg (8420 bytes)
one of my favorite scenes... an open highway as far as you can see.
Road trips have a way of producing some fun pics.
A new 16mm Nikor fisheye lens has quickly turned into one of my favorites. KissySuzyt.jpg (8957 bytes)
A normal kiss can seem so appealing!
OfficeDeskt.jpg (8989 bytes)
An office scene just turns alive
BVilleSaltFlatst.jpg (7544 bytes)
even a landscape has lots to gain.  This is the Bonneville Salt Flats
now the all time favorites... MdtPGPoolt.jpg (9946 bytes)
A pool shot with so much to see... click to see
1024 x 768
BigFaceVertt.jpg (8814 bytes)
All the way from my head to my toes.
BigFaceCropt.jpg (9080 bytes)
A cropped version has best effect when viewed
1024 x 768
Watergunboyst.jpg (9559 bytes)
Here's the kids with a 24mm wide angle lens
The kids in a park during a water fight made for some really fun pics. Watergunkidst.jpg (10423 bytes) The 16mm view adds charm and some interesting angles too.

These pictures are from a trip to the Mexico, summer '99.

BlindBeggart.jpg (9555 bytes)
A blind man in San Diego plays the harmonica for tips.
CatalinaCasinot.jpg (8255 bytes)
The Catalina Island harbor and Casino
CatalinaShoret.jpg (11388 bytes)
Shoreline No. end of Catalina harbor
ShipMattSpagettit.jpg (9266 bytes)
Matthew enjoying spaghetti
EnsinadaSuzyt.jpg (9759 bytes)
Suzy enjoying Mexico
CatalinaShopSuzyt.jpg (11554 bytes)
Suzy enjoying shops on Catalina
PapasnBeert.jpg (8420 bytes)
Papas&Beer in Ensenada Mexico
PapasnBeerDancet.jpg (10308 bytes)
Papas&Beer is famous for delivering shooters of tequila to customers in a wild fashion.
ShipFriends1t.jpg (13959 bytes)
Friends enjoying the cruise
ShipKidsatPoolt.jpg (13062 bytes)
My kids spent as much time as possible enjoying the pool.
ShipSuzyt.jpg (11023 bytes)
Mom enjoying the warm sun and pool.
ShipOverpoolt.jpg (10633 bytes)
My oldest son enjoying the pool view.

A trip to the Caribbean, 6 islands and many wonderful memories, spring '99.

Orient Bay - St. Martin,  One side of the island is Dutch, the other side is French. cz499stmbeach1t.jpg (12488 bytes)
Suzy catching rays, we stayed at the Kakao resort.
cz499stmbeach2t.jpg (8578 bytes)
What a day... what a view, what a place to relax.
cz499stmcouplet.jpg (8876 bytes)
A "vendor" family, after purchasing a crystal necklace, they posed for me.
cz499stmkakao1t.jpg (8855 bytes)
Each resort uses a different color umbrella.

Just down the beach... the "red" section.
cz499stmkakao3t.jpg (10472 bytes)
In the trees they served a nice barbeque lunch.
cz499stmkakao2t.jpg (10152 bytes)
The view from our lunch pavilion.
cz499stmparasailt.jpg (5907 bytes)
Parasail rides and jet ski rentals are very popular.
cz499stmbeach3t.jpg (5763 bytes)
Yes, it's me..., your narrator.
cz499stmnudecplt.jpg (7257 bytes)
One end of the bay is a nudist resort, thus many naked people walked by.  *

Yes, even in paradise they know the value of the internet.

*You might find it interesting to learn of the photography "rules" concerning the nudists... our tour guide was careful to explain them to us.  No cameras or photography in the nudist resort... if you get one out, they will take it.  On the rest of the beach, it's considered "un-cool" or rude to take pics of nude people sunning, sitting or otherwise relaxing.  It was specifically authorized to shoot shots of nudists as they walked up and down the beach... "fair game" were the exact words used.  Since it was a French resort, many people enjoyed being either nude or topless.

These pictures are from a Florida business trip.

FloridaBeacht.jpg (6956 bytes)
White beaches, hot sun and beautiful bodies.
FloridaBirdt.jpg (9370 bytes)
I enjoyed the crushed seashell background.
FloridaDrawBridget.jpg (7043 bytes)
Watching a real drawbridge in action... I just had to get a picture.
FloridaHotelt.jpg (7184 bytes)
The view from my hotel room on the "Island"
FloridaPegLegGullt.jpg (6887 bytes)
Peggy... the seagull
FloridaScenet.jpg (7938 bytes)
Sun and Palms...
FloridaShoret.jpg (5962 bytes)
A more deserted area with sand grass.
FloridaDrivet.jpg (7505 bytes)

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