These are a few of my favorite pictures from 1998.  Most of these pictures were taken with a Nikon N-70 using a Nikor 24-120mm lens, the close ups were taken with a Sigma 70-300mm.  I use primarily Nikon gear, my favorite lens is the Nikon 24-120mm for it's all around versatility.

These are from trips into the Uinta's in Eastern Utah in the winter of 98/99

dtutA98tlspring1a.jpg (5240 bytes)
Timber Lakes new Spring #1 twilight 10/98
dtutA98tlspring2a.jpg (6356 bytes)
Timber Lakes new spring #2 twilight 10/98
dtutB98hebermtna.jpg (4624 bytes)
Sunset from Heber Mtn looking East 11/98
dtutB98snowridea.jpg (6769 bytes)
Snowmobile ride 11/98

From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans...

dttl798cabfdrka.jpg (8415 bytes)
The family cabin, on a summer evening, driveway side 7/98.
dttl798cabrdrka.jpg (8947 bytes)
The family cabin as seen from the street on a summer evening 7/98.
dttl198cabnighta.jpg (6114 bytes)
A winter night at the family cabin in Timber Lakes 1/98.
The 2 pics below were taken when returning from Canada where I picked up my first Glider!
dttl898cabdrsidea.jpg (8963 bytes)
The driveway view on a summer morning 8/98.
dttl898cabstsidea.jpg (8954 bytes)
The street view the same summer morning 8/98.
dtks698wfielda.jpg (5665 bytes)
A typical wheat field in Kansas, along I-70 6/98
dtco698morna.jpg (5396 bytes)
Sunrise in the Rockies at Breckenridge CO 6/98
These were taken on a business trip to Rhode Island. dtri798gbbch1a.jpg (6895 bytes)
Gooseberry Beach in Rhode Island 7/98
dtri798gbbch2a.jpg (7341 bytes)
A typical east coast beach scene 7/98
dtri798gbbch3a.jpg (7185 bytes)
Looking down the beach 7/98

Ok, So I'll open up the albums and scan a few vacation pictures.  Everyone enjoys images of cure animals?

These pictures were taken on a trip through Eastern Utah and the Colorado Rocky Mountains. tfvac898greenriva.jpg (10688 bytes)
The Green river boat launch, Dinosour Natl Monument in Utah 8/98
tfvac898vernal3a.jpg (9035 bytes)
The Dinosaur National Monument Building east of Vernal Utah 8/98
tfvac898vernal4a.jpg (9014 bytes)
Inside the Dinosaur building, those bumps
are dinosaur bones!
tfvac898vernal7a.jpg (8569 bytes)
Indian rock art can be seen in the Dinosour Natl Monument 8/98
tfvac898rmnpsquirrela.jpg (7841 bytes)
A squirrel at Grand Lake Lodge in Rocky Mtn Natl Park Colorado 8/98
tfvac898rmnpbirda.jpg (10280 bytes)
A bird waiting for a hand out, Fairview turnout Rocky Mtn Natl Park 8/98
tfvac898rmnpcmunka.jpg (9647 bytes)
A chipmunk eating a nut, Fairview turnout Rocky Mtn Natl Park 8/98
tfvac898rmnpelk1a.jpg (10665 bytes)
A beautiful elk posing for me, Rocky Mtn Natl Park 8/98
tfvac898rmnpelk2a.jpg (11281 bytes)
This time he's sticking his tongue out at me Rocky Mtn Natl Park 8/98
tfvac898rmnpherda.jpg (7313 bytes)
An Elk Herd at 12,000' 8/98
tfvac898rmnproada.jpg (4789 bytes)
The road as it passes above 12,000' 8/98
tfvac898rmnpeaglea.jpg (2736 bytes)
An eagle soaring at 13,000' 8/98
tfvac898rmnpmarmta.jpg (5329 bytes)
A Marmont looking for prey 8/98
tfvac898rmnpblueba.jpg (7264 bytes)
A bluebird watching for scraps at a rest area 8/98
tfvac898comtn1a.jpg (10432 bytes)
My family in a high Rocky Mountain Colorado valley 8/98

These pics are from a trip through Zions Nat'l Park and Cedar breaks Nat'l Monument in Sept. 1988.

tfut998zionbridge1a.jpg (7720 bytes)
A stone bridge frames the shot looking west.
tfut998zionbridge2a.jpg (7388 bytes)
The same bridge looking east.
tfut998ziontunnel1a.jpg (6248 bytes)
The East road goes through this rock formation.
tfut998ziontunnel2a.jpg (6374 bytes)
See, a close up of a tunnel portal.
tfut998zionrocks1a.jpg (8844 bytes)
Near the east entrance, this cool rock formation was impressive.
tfut998zionrocks2a.jpg (8269 bytes)
Framing it different it's even better.
tfut998cedarbreaks1a.jpg (7043 bytes)
Cedar Breaks later that same day, and many driving miles later.
tfut998cedarbreaks2a.jpg (7231 bytes)
With the sun through the clouds, the colors were incredible!

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