Here's pictures from this years activities.  If you noticed a change in my companion, it's because I started the year with a divorce.  I'm now a single dad raising 5 kids, and of course we make time for trips and photography.

The year started very cold
I met Kristy early in the year. We've spent our time dating and enjoying scenic trips to photograph the beauty around her Southern Utah home.
brave enough to climb peaks with me!

the happy couple

The family horse, Pokey

Kristy and two of my boys

What a view

We spent the summer enjoying many western US National Parks.  Here's pictures from Utah's Bryce Canyon National Park.

A sweeping fish-eye view

closer view

Looking down a gorge before we hike down

The fins look like columns from below

Deep in the Narrows, at 1:10pm in the afternoon

postcard perfect

Incredible colors

The trees are amazing

how about that beard...

Lovers roost?

SE corner of Bryce

Here's all of the gang, my kids and hers combined!

We ventured to a few National Parks and scenic areas in the surrounding states.

Bear Lake Utah/Idaho

Prairie Dog in Wyoming

Devils Tower Wyoming

A close encounter?

Jenny Lakes Wyoming

S. Dakota through the Blazer windshield as I drove

Wyoming sunset
Kristy loved the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
Enjoying the view at 12,100'

Rain would come and go, revealing hidden lakes

Above the clouds after a storm blew through

enjoying for the rain

West side of the park

abundant wildlife

I'm addicted to soaring... these images are from some flights during the year.

A glider on tow

My 1961 wood and fabric antique glider, a Schleicher K8b

Yep, I fit in there!

On tow above Nephi, Utah

The view of Nephi from 12,000'

The Grob 103 dual I take friends for rides in

two place seating, inline, not side by side

very narrow to reduce the profile

instruments for the pilot

Kristy about to enjoy a ride... barf bag ready?

Heber Valley on tow

passing through 16,900' enjoying 400fpm lift

Looking at that High Uinta's from the Wolf Creek area

Mt Timpanogas, Utah Lake and Utah Valley

Mt. Timp looking North

The shack at the top, Deer Creek in the background

Yellowstone National Park is one place I could visit every year and always find something new.

Aren't tripods amazing...

so water does what here?

Kristy and her Nikon995

Lets split the N Hemisphere

Old Faithful from above
  I'll pick out a few more nice shots from Yellowstone.  

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