Here's a few pictures from this years activities.

These are from a cruise to the Caribbean in November of 2000.  This first set was taken on the island of Barbados, where I took a photo tour and enjoyed the sites.

It's me... Dale

A historical site, a typical house

After I bought some hot sauce from her mother, she caught me taking her picture

The Barbados National flower

A front yard if you let it go wild... ;-)

A rum house... every neighborhood has one so you don't have to walk far to get your supply of rum
This beautiful beach is on the Eastern side of the Island and is poplular for the locals as a vacation destination... it's called Bathsheba Bay
The waves slowly eat away the coral rock.

A house on the side of the road as we headed back... no heat, no AC, and laundry hanging up to dry.

Ship pictures, and the Island of St Kitts.

They held a belly flop contest on the ship, this was the best dive of the bunch! We went canoeing down the rugged coast line.  A mile or so into it, we also went snorkeling to enjoy the underwater world!
The shoreline were we went canoeing.
Canoes all lined up to go, and then the arrival point as we were refreshed with local fruits and drinks.
A Caribbean sunset to end a great day...!

The island of St. Lucia.

The cruisers, with the ship in the background

At the Cabrille Batik factory, an artist creates

The eastern shore

Enjoying an afternoon on the beach
My tour bus broke down so I wandered through a shanty town taking pics of their home and the men working...
In the harbor a fisherman mends his nets as the contrast between his world and the cruise ship makes me ponder...

The home of the fisherman (see the coke sign?)

The sunny side view of the shanty town, and the Sprite sign

The island of St. Maarten or St. Martin depending upon which 1/2 you are referring to.  The last picture was taken on St. Thomas, USVI (US Virgin Island)

See the "Internet in Paradise" sign...
Part of Orient Bay is a nudist resort.  Many nude and topless couples walked by all day long.
hmmmm, should I take them off?

Strolling by enjoying their naturism

British military patrolling the islands

Enjoying the life
The ship dominates the landscape as it's docked at St. Thomas

Yes, that's me...

A trip to Yellowstone National Park

Enjoying "smores" on Henry's Lake Our branch of the family tree.
Descending into the Lewis and Clark Caverns. Resting atop the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone on the North rim trail.

A trip to Moab, Utah... during the hot summer

Running the Colorado River, just outside of Moab, Utah

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