These pictures were taken in my in-home studio.  It's really fun to see the excitement of families and couples when you can give them great pictures to enjoy.   Norman 2400 lights, with umbrellas are my primary strobes.

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Here's the studio
A few test shots with family, helping to make sure all's working well.  It's fun to play around in your own studio.

I enjoy the freedom to explore new points of view and different approaches to a portrait

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Some high school friends wanted creative portraits, rather than the usual school pictures, here are some examples of the fun we had.

PGCouple-t.jpg (5406 bytes) PGCuddle-t.jpg (5182 bytes) PGLean-t.jpg (5405 bytes) PGAdmire-t.jpg (4823 bytes)
PGRose-t.jpg (5290 bytes) While variations on the traditional poses were fun, we had lots of fun with the more creative ideas.

These sharp kids were a blast to work with.

PGFixTie-t.jpg (4926 bytes) PGBeg-t.jpg (5015 bytes)
PGKiss-t.jpg (5212 bytes) PGGlare-t.jpg (5278 bytes) PGHaul-t.jpg (5377 bytes) PGDrag-t.jpg (5039 bytes)

A happy couple always makes for great pictures!  There are so many fun and creative poses you can use to help couples find that images of themselves they want to portray, and just how they are feeling about each other.

Lets start with some traditional poses. RCHugAdoret.jpg (7479 bytes) RCStandSitt.jpg (9095 bytes) RCLoveHugt.jpg (7985 bytes)
RCSidebySidet.jpg (7751 bytes) More creative posing helps the couple express themselves. RCCarryt.jpg (8047 bytes) RCBack2Backt.jpg (7655 bytes)
RCArmWrestlet.jpg (9506 bytes) RCPiggyBackt.jpg (8081 bytes) RCLevitatet.jpg (8141 bytes) RCHugBehindt.jpg (7790 bytes)
RCDancet.jpg (7976 bytes) RCSerioust.jpg (7518 bytes) RCSitFace2Face2t.jpg (8460 bytes) RCSitForwardt.jpg (9327 bytes)
Different couples have different outfits and require different backgrounds, to get the best contrast. TJLookForwardt.jpg (6605 bytes) TJCasualt.jpg (7661 bytes) TJFaceEacht.jpg (7523 bytes)
TJArmShouldert.jpg (7067 bytes) TJSitForwardt.jpg (7097 bytes)   TJArmsCrossedt.jpg (6863 bytes)

If you would like some studio pictures for you or your family, contact me via email.

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