Scenic images have to be one of the most enjoyed, in this wonderfully connected society, we get to enjoy incredible images from around the world.  Here's some of my favorites from my corner of the world.

American Fork Canyon near our home has spectacular beauty.

Same scene with 16mm fisheye creates a different mood.

For the adventurous, local hot springs and skinny dipping can be lots of fun!  A torch provided the light. Time lapse shots show a jet flying by the canyon.  The flashing lights look like a shooting star.

A recent trip to Big Bear Lake, California gave us a great excuse to hike the mountains... after paying our $5 National Forest recreational access fees... we were off to find the top!  High above Big Bear Lake, we found a forest service lookout with an incredible view.

The kids enjoy a view from the top of the world.

Nikor 16mm fisheye lens gives the image a unique perspective.

The view from this outhouse can't be beat!

A collection of sunset images.

dtut198sunseta.jpg (4811 bytes)
A winter sunset from our Utah backyard 1/98
dtut898sunseta.jpg (5383 bytes)
A beautiful Utah sunset, NW summer 8/98.
sunsetw812bt.jpg (10225 bytes)
A sunset, with an 812b "warming" filter '99.
sunsetwnofltrt.jpg (10282 bytes)
The same sunset without the filter '99.
Sunsets have a certain appeal to me...
The tree silhouette really makes the pics
dtutB98treesunset1a.jpg (6035 bytes)
A nice winter sunset from Utah 11/98
dtutB98treesunset2a.jpg (6082 bytes)
Actual colors from my backyard, no filters 11/98
SummerSunsett.jpg (6810 bytes)
Another pretty sunset, no filters used '99.

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