The film based images on this site were taken with a Nikon F100, then the images were scanned with an HP5100cse scanner.  The first completely digital images were taken with a Nikon CoolPix 950.  After working with digital, I was addicted and purchased the Nikon D1 in early 2000.  For the studio shots, the strobes are Normans, along with some mono strobes for hair and background lighting.

The Nikon D1 is a professional digital camera that uses Nikon's D-mount 35mm lenses and accessories.  These examples are provided to share some of the fun with my photographer friends.

Here's a few studio shots... to see more studio shots taken with the D1, follow the links.

Nissa Sharon B

A BYU -vs- UNLV Basketball game [D1 w/Nikkor 24-120, 125th 1600ISO  wb to incandescent]; my daughter and the multi-strobe effect with the SB28-dx

The Salt Lake City building Nikkor 24-120mm and Sigma 170-500mm]

A press conference with the Major of Salt Lake City.  [D1 w/Nikkor 24-120mm]

The Utah State Capitol.  [D1 w/Nikkor 24-120mm, and Nikkor 20mm-2.8f]

Nikon D1 users: There's a FAQ available with loads of information concerning this incredible camera.  Thanks to Gerhard Strobl  for his work in compiling this FAQ.  Use this link if you would like to join a professional photographers Nikon D1 discussion list.  Use this link to read the Nikon D1 discussion without joining.

To read more about the Nikon D1 and nearly any upper end digital camera, check out Digital Photography Review.

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