The much lower per image price has enabled me to shoot thousands and thousands of images in a very short time.  So many wonderful images that could easily fill several web sites.  On this page I'll share some of the fun digital images I've captured.

A skate board shop in the Temecula CA mall.

The causeway between the Great Salt Lake and Highway I-80

The reflection gave the appearance of looking under the tracks.

A Charmander

Kids excited for the new years!

New Years Eve 2000

Important Utah-Nevada historical site.

Leaving civilization

An incredible pine

visiting the dentist...

Pontiac GrandAm 2000
My Brothers Puppy

We enjoy hitting the dance floor at our favorite local club... Club90  This is the band Impact.

Experimenting with different exposures, no flash and more can create fun images.
This is another band from Club90... Force of Habit
None of these images had flash, thus the colors are due to the ever changing stage lighting.

A recent trip to California included a stop at Disneyland.

A day spent in Disneyland with the kids created hundreds of wonderful picture opportunities.
The kids had fun avoiding the dancing waters.

Sunset over Space Mountain.

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