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This is a list of changes made to this web site in the last year.

24Feb02 - Updated Andrea's pages by removing some older broken links.
12Feb02 - added the Life-n-Times '01 page, updated the index page also.
Moved the entire site to a new host for more room...
31Dec00 - update the  Life-n-Times '00 page with cruise pictures from this year.
12Oct00 - updated this changes page with a left navigation bar.
09Oct00 - added this changes page, updated a few pictures, updated equipment used on the equipment page, reorganized site slightly.
05Oct00 - added a page for Nissa Hall.
21Sep00 - added a few pictures to Life-n-Times '00.
21Sep00 - added Artsy images to Favorites page.
18Sep00 - added a page for SharonB.
03Aug00 - added pictures to the Digital Studio page.
18Jun00 - added the Life-n-Times'00 page.
13Jun00 - added  location and event pages.
02Apr00 - added a page for Chelsea.
30Mar00 - added the Wedding page.
11Mar00 - added another image to the Favorites page.
10Mar00 - added the Architecture page.
09Mar00 - updated Digital Studio page with new images.
02Mar00 - added Force of Habit band pictures to the DigitalFun page.
01Mar00 - updated Andrea's home page with contest links.  Add FAQ link to the D1 page.
22Feb00 - updated index with links and D1 information, added the Nikon D1 page.
25Dec99 - moved many pages and images from another site to this site for consolidation of my photography work.
30Nov99 - brought this site online, uploaded initial pages with studio and digital fun images.

This page was updated Thursday, March 24, 2005

98,99,2000&01 Dale Taylor,, contact via email.